Monday, 6 June 2016

Wipe or wash :)

Well if you all are having a tap and water coming from it you are blessed !
Once I reached the hotel room at Georgia  the first thing as every human does is going to the washroom , likewise I also did the same . Dint notice what is there inside the washroom . Hope you understand the urgency :) lol
It's after refreshing I noticed that there is no tap inside and only few tissue rolls .
Imagine !!! Don't imagine tooo much .
I can never ever wipe off with a tissue and walk out .
I told my husband to buy a waterbottle to wash my ass and I was in peace :))))
So if any of you are like me please get in with a bottle !!!!
Now , don't think did I spend bottles paying money ??
Yes I did ! I don't mind ...

P.S - None of the hotel washrooms have a tap or a handwash .

Travel to Georgia with bottles ! Or else wipe it off and perfume :))