Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ghost :)

This painting or add attracted me a lot . Though I have not received the pictures of Georgia trip yet , managing to post in with what I have .

Not all the buildings had a add or painting . This is the only one I saw .

There is something that I noted in most of the buildings .The word 'GHOST ' with a :)

I went for a walk at night , the roads were steep . Most of the buildings were dark and it had a word ghost written in blue .

The worst part is when I went to the turtle lake , few of us wanted to go to the washroom . We paid 1 lary for each to use the washroom . There was no water , but we were option less .

You go inside and remove your pants and it's at that time you notice 'ghost ' on wall inside !!

I have not seen this anywhere so far . Not sure whether they write it for fun or it's really haunted !

If so I have been with ghosts inside few washrooms at Georgia !!

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