Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bank of Georgia , Head quarters .

These pictures where taken while traveling towards Ananuri . I took it from the bus . Hence I have got a distant view . The buildings in Georgia were awesome . Very creative indeed .

This is the headquarters of the Bank of Georgia. Designed by architect George Chakhava, parts are lifted off the ground so nature can grow beneath.

The Bank of Georgia headquarters was built in 1975. It lies in the outskirts of Tbilisi at the river Kura. Big parts of the building are lifted off the ground and the structure is visible from far. It consists of a monumental grid of interlocking concrete forms. Five horizontal parts with two storeys each seem to be stapled on top of each other.

George Chakhava was Georgia's Deputy Minister of Highway Construction in the 1970s. Therefore, he was both the client and the lead architect of this project. He could choose the site location best suited for the design himself. The building costs were 6 million rubles.It was completed in 1975.