Monday 3 April 2023


How many of you have gone for a picnic ? Atleast when you were small . I remember going to picnics when we were in Sohar & Salalah . I don’t remember going for a proper picnic in india though. 
Today we took our daughter for a picnic to a small park . I prepared some vegetable sandwich , popcorn and took some fresh strawberries. Took a flask of hot water as well . She took some dolls , scooter , frisbee, paper windmill , cricket bat and ball & her football .We together played for some time and ate everything that we took . Lying in the mat and seeing the sky was absolute bliss . The park was very cold and we loved the picnic . 

I think everyone regardless of age has to go for picnic and simply sit looking around and enjoying the wind . You get time to talk , time to look around and some free time . An open space matters a lot . It widens our thoughts as well . 

Let me know about your picnics . I would like to know how others are arranging for picnics . 

Sunday 19 February 2023

Sharjah Light Festival

Hello ! Today we went to Sharjah light festival at UAE . It was an amazing experience. It’s an nice place to have a long walk and chit chat with some fast food . We just got a tea , French fries and a mojito . There are a lot of food trucks . Kids will definitely have a good walk and run around . There 6-7 rides for the kids for which you have to get tickets separately . Tungli had a good time and loved plying basket ball . Altogether it was a good experience and we spent nearly 2.5 hours there . Attaching some pictures for you here . 

Wednesday 28 December 2022


 These are some pictures taken from our Chennai trichy travel . Which picture did you like the most ? 

Saturday 18 June 2022

Paati Veedu , Chennai

 Hi this is a hotel located in Chennai TNagar . This was our first visit and a great experience . A bit costlier side for us but yes once in a while it’s ok . They had all types of south Indian recipes . Adding some pictures for you to see . The Sai baba in the front made my day . 

Friday 6 May 2022

Umm Suqeim park

 Hi ! This park is opposite to the jumeirah beach . We went here for Eid holidays and as the beach was closed due to high tide we had no other option and had to go to the park to have some fun time . Tungli and ourselves had a great time playing swing , see saw and in the park sand . 

Here are some of the pictures that we took . 

Sunday 1 May 2022

Global Village ,Dubai

 This is a Global Village , Dubai . It will be closed on May 7 th so we decided to go and see once . 

We were there by evening 5 to night 10 and we covered all the pavilions. It was a good experience . People who love adventures can enjoy the rides but we dint go in any as we have a kid and it’s too adventures to take a child . 

There are so many shops for binge eating and Indian food area was the busiest :) We had some Turkish food . 

I must say out of all the pavilions the best is Africa . Very colourful , loving people , friendly and you can bargain . The most artistic pavilion is of Africa . You won’t feel to come out of it as it’s such artistic and unique . 

Rest of the pavilions had many items too such as cosmetics , clothing , toys , food , what not but as I am an art and creative lover Africa was my favourite . The vibe itself is wow . 

We did the main shopping from Africa pavilion . We bought some wooden decors and happy those are good finds from global village . 

Definitely a must visit place .

Note : Do not wear a jeans , try wearing a loose pant & do not wear slippers instead wear shoes . This dress code helps a lot in walking and roaming all around . 

Let me know how you liked this place or if you have visited your experience please . 


How many of you have gone for a picnic ? Atleast when you were small . I remember going to picnics when we were in Sohar & Salalah . I d...