Sunday, 26 June 2016

Prosecutors office , Tblisi

As I do , this picture was also taken from the bus . It was lovely to see the buildings ! Creative !!

Young Georgian practice Architects of Invention has completed its first building in Tbilisi, the stunning Prosecutor's Office.The building was completed in February 2012. The brief was to create workspace for 60 members of staff, a substantial lobby and car parking. Work began in May 2011 and the building was completed in early 2012.

The building consists of a stalwart, stark black frame that has luminous, delicate volumes suspended within it. 70% of the building is freestanding away from the sides and the ground creating an impression of ‘floating’ forms.

The volumes make way for a passageway to one side of the building, creating a physical transparency of the building that is alluded to throughout the design. The suspended volumes are staggered so that they create terraces and balconies.


Saturday, 25 June 2016


This is a clock that I bought from Georgia .I hanged this clock in the kitchen.I believe kitchens must have a clock and a calendar .

This is the smallest clock I saw there . It is made up of wood .

I paid 30 lary for this .

Cost doesn't matter but time does !

Thursday, 23 June 2016

I love these ...

It's Friday and I am home today . Just had a cup of coffee . Thinking what to prepare for breakfast .

This is the place where I stayed at Georgia . This table is what I see everyday morning. My breakfast table . I loved the olives, cheese omelet , lettuce salad and the yogurts .

There was a dog who visits everyday .  The lovely one . He looks so cute isn't it ? I took many photos with him :) I still miss those days .

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bank of Georgia , Head quarters .

These pictures where taken while traveling towards Ananuri . I took it from the bus . Hence I have got a distant view . The buildings in Georgia were awesome . Very creative indeed .

This is the headquarters of the Bank of Georgia. Designed by architect George Chakhava, parts are lifted off the ground so nature can grow beneath.

The Bank of Georgia headquarters was built in 1975. It lies in the outskirts of Tbilisi at the river Kura. Big parts of the building are lifted off the ground and the structure is visible from far. It consists of a monumental grid of interlocking concrete forms. Five horizontal parts with two storeys each seem to be stapled on top of each other.

George Chakhava was Georgia's Deputy Minister of Highway Construction in the 1970s. Therefore, he was both the client and the lead architect of this project. He could choose the site location best suited for the design himself. The building costs were 6 million rubles.It was completed in 1975.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Kartvlis Deda

Kartvlis Deda in silhouette. Mother of a Kartli or Mother of a Georgian), is a monument in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.
The statue was erected on the top of Sololaki hill in 1958, the year Tbilisi celebrated its 1500th anniversary. Prominent Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli designed the twenty-metre aluminium figure of a woman in Georgian national dress. She symbolizes the Georgian national character: in her left hand she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Freedom square , Tbilisi

These pictures were taken by me from the bus . When the bus turned via the round about I clicked in all the possible directions with my iPhone . I have taken a video as well . This freedom square was the point of pick up and drop .Here , I saw few showrooms of Nike and adidas , there was a theatre , the subways were the best . There were so many small shops where you can do window shopping . I saw many people singing with a guitar , many currency exchanges .. What not !!!

Busiest place indeed !

Thought of doing a Google and adding a bit about this place for you .

The square was originally named after Ivan Paskevich, the Count of Erivan, a Ukrainian general of the Russian Imperial Army, who earned his title in honor of his conquest of Erivan (present-day Yerevan) for the Russian Empire. Under the Soviet Union, the square was renamed, first "BeriaSquare", and then "Lenin Square".

The location was first named Freedom Square in 1918, during the foundation of the First Georgian Republic following the collapse of the Russian Empire.

Freedom Square was the site of the 1907 Tiflis bank robbery. Freedom Square has also been the site of various mass demonstrations including those for Georgia's independence (from the Soviet Union), the Rose Revolution, and others.

In 2005 Freedom Square was the location where U.S. PresidentGeorge W. Bush and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili addressed a crowd of around 100,000 people in celebration of the 60th anniversary marking the end of World War II. During this event, Georgian-Armenian Vladimir Arutyunian threw a live grenade at President Bush while he was speaking in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate him.

This is how it looks like in the day !

Sunday, 19 June 2016


Hello everybody , hope you all are doing great . So today while going through my blog thought of adding some reactions below the post .

I have added 4 reactions which are

I own two blogs a personal and a travel blog .I have done this to both . Would be happy if you all opt what you feel so that I will also feel great about it .

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Lights !

Lights are always beautiful to see

The different shades , designs and reflections , I love it . I always have a special love for the chandelier. I am planning to buy one for my house at my home town .

Anyhow when I was in Georgia , wherever I went I first looked for the lights . It was too beautiful especially the ones in the hotels . Very creative indeed .

Wish I was there for few more days . Would have got more pictures . I wonder how they make such beautiful lights !

Post in your views on lights ! Do you have special light at your home . A different design ,color or something like that . If so post in a pic . I would love to see !

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ananuri , Georgia

Received few more pictures this morning so thought of posting it .

Friday, 17 June 2016

Confusion bar

Last night I was in the confusion bar , but came out without any confusions :)
This is a small bar inside the Le meridian at Dubai . I had to get a taxi and then metro from my home  . A decent small bar . The ceiling had blue lights . Wifi was available .
A very quite place with a roadside view .
A nice place to sleep indeed :)

Posting few pics for you guys .

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Ananuri, Georgia

A place that I visited in georgia . I have posted a small description about this place for you all . It was a very nice place with so much of beauty . I took many pictures .I still remember the face of an old lady whom I met in the church entrance  . The church was awesome .It was so silent in peace . I bought few jewelry and an antique mirror . I took few pics with the wigs as well and sent it for a selfie contest . The coffee which I bought was awesome . Beautiful view !!

Ananuri architectural complex belonged to the house of the Eristavi of Aragvi - a violent local ruler. The characteristic architectural design of the late medieval period includes a fortress, two churches, an old watch tower, prison and civic buildings. Located on the famous Georgian Military Highway it stood as a guardian to the Northern boarders of Georgia. A picturesque view of reservoir spread bellow opens from the base of the Ananuri Fortress.