Monday, 30 May 2016

Hungry !

Trying different tastes
Is like
Adding salt and pepper
To your life .
A man who loves eating
Loves everything in his life !
He will live his life
At any cost !

So these are few pictures I took at Tbilisi. Adding few for you all !

Eat well stay healthy !

Fly high !

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

For people who have not travelled
Flight is always a fear .
They never know
How interesting it is
To look the world from the sky
How nice it is to see those lights and water .
How peaceful it is .
Hope they all enjoy the beauty of travel one day !!
Let them all fly high with the wings of hope!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Beggars !

In Georgia I found so many beggars . Being from India , where you can see many beggars on the road , platforms , railway stations, temples and many other places i thought only India has beggars. In Dubai ,I have not seen any beggar . It was a real shock when I saw many in Georgia . I even found a beggar inside the Charles and Keith showroom where I purchased a shade for me . I have never seen a beggar inside a shop that too next to the cash counter . Not sure whether they are born Georgians or they moved from Istanbul / turkey . Heard Greece is getting bankrupt these days and these beggars might be from there . Or maybe they don't do anything much in life at Georgia , spent all the money they had for smoking and drinking and ended up begging !
Still wondering !  So many beggars at Georgia !!
How could Georgia have so many poor people ? 
Trying to find an answer ! 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Belgian beer cafe !

So yesterday myself and few friends went to the Belgian beer cafe at crown plaza , Dubai . I loved the place . It looked like a wood house with dim lights and mild slow music . There were so many people , might be because it was a  Saturday . The cafe had an open view as well towards the bay and it was a lovely view . The best place to smoke :) so enjoyed some windy ambiance and moved upstairs . We ordered some smack drink ,cheese balls , few salads with carrot , cherry tomatoes and few greens , the prawn tasted good . Nothing much we ate , we played dumb charades for some time , few beers and came back home . I dint take my mobile from my bag . Just few pics and posting it for you all ! Dint have a dinner as such but spent some good memorable time with friends . Happy about it !
Next time when u all visit Dubai do try this place . It's a nice calm and happy beer cafe..

The mirror

So I visited the Ananuri fortress in Georgia and bought this mirror from there . I saw many mirrors which had a comb with it . As I don't use a comb bought a bigger mirror !

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Coffee !

Just thinking what to write here. Well , today the coffee powder at my home got empty and I had to use the coffee powder barista which I bought from Georgia ! I love having coffees without sugar and wherever I go I will never miss a cup of coffee . Instants I love ! So it was the darkest coffee powder I have ever seen in my life and thought it would not be nice when I bought it .  When I lifted the bottle today it was so weightless and I could count each and every particle in it . That's how it was . I prepared the coffee in some hot milk and must say , I felt Shilpa you should have bought an other two bottles of coffee powder ! That bitter taste I am loving it .

A cup of good coffee makes your day !

Sunday, 15 May 2016


These collectible Georgia refrigerator magnets make great souvenirs and feature state information, maps, historical facts, and classic vintage graphics of Georgia icons.
I loved it all and bought few . I dint buy much of the magnets , only few .
I took few snaps of the roadside magnets and few which I bought !
Enjoy seeing it !!

My magnets at home ! 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Pink flower

Little flower cold and wet,
No flower wants to be at home .
When it is raining outside ! 
The flower doesn't dream of the bee,
It blossoms and the bee comes .
Your mind is a garden and
Your thoughts are the seeds!


This is one of the best picture i clicked in Georgia while walking towards a hotel for lunch .One of my favorite .The old couple seem to be having a lovely time there looking at the wedding hall .So much of memories !Love is everything that you need in life .

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Why this name ?

I never wanted to travel alone in my life because I have travelled alone for many years . I wanted a title where both are there ! I selected 4 titles such as Inthebothwe, followe,beforeuboth,iweheme.I ended up with Inthebothwe . 

That's how the title emerged ! 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hello !

So, two days ago I returned from Georgia , Tibilsi . I have a personal blog of mine which I own for the past 5 years . I posted a blog on where I roamed .I dint find many comments on it but the next day a friend of mine sent me a message to post few pictures of Georgia . An other friend of mine told I have observed so much in Georgia and if anybody is visiting they would connect the call to me . I was surprised ! It's at this point I decided that I have to write a small blog on where I go and what I do there , what I see , cultures, food, fashion goes on . I have travelled many places around but never thought of writing a blog . I wrote about my travel in my blue diary . It's Georgia that made me write and I love sharing it with you all . I have not sorted my camera yet or my phone but I have few pics of Georgia which I would post for you guys . I will be writing on what all I saw there and how interesting it was .I told everything to my friends but dint write . Now it's time to pen it !

Never expected you will make me own a second  blog !