Saturday, 21 May 2016

Belgian beer cafe !

So yesterday myself and few friends went to the Belgian beer cafe at crown plaza , Dubai . I loved the place . It looked like a wood house with dim lights and mild slow music . There were so many people , might be because it was a  Saturday . The cafe had an open view as well towards the bay and it was a lovely view . The best place to smoke :) so enjoyed some windy ambiance and moved upstairs . We ordered some smack drink ,cheese balls , few salads with carrot , cherry tomatoes and few greens , the prawn tasted good . Nothing much we ate , we played dumb charades for some time , few beers and came back home . I dint take my mobile from my bag . Just few pics and posting it for you all ! Dint have a dinner as such but spent some good memorable time with friends . Happy about it !
Next time when u all visit Dubai do try this place . It's a nice calm and happy beer cafe..

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