Thursday, 11 October 2018

Mylapore 2018

Long time ..

Having my sister's wedding next month it's a tight schedule that's going on but I managed to visit the mylapore kapaleeshwara temple this evening .The main reason to go was sight seeing of dolls , flowers ,roadside shops,saravana bhavan hotel and the crowd .I bought few elephant and cow dolls then few park items ,glass bangles and the nostalgic pambaram for my brother .

The feel was really energizing and colourful .What a beautiful place .For a moment i thought if at all I had a house there instead of nanganallur how great it would have been .Anyhow I am keeping it low ,no greed:)

So I ended the day with idly sambar .

I think you all should visit mylapore once in lifetime during navarathri just to get that feel.

Posting few pictures for you guys .

Post in your experiences or what you think about this post .

Aksi posting my Chennai golu 2018.

My Chennai house golu .