Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hello !

So, two days ago I returned from Georgia , Tibilsi . I have a personal blog of mine which I own for the past 5 years . I posted a blog on where I roamed .I dint find many comments on it but the next day a friend of mine sent me a message to post few pictures of Georgia . An other friend of mine told I have observed so much in Georgia and if anybody is visiting they would connect the call to me . I was surprised ! It's at this point I decided that I have to write a small blog on where I go and what I do there , what I see , cultures, food, fashion goes on . I have travelled many places around but never thought of writing a blog . I wrote about my travel in my blue diary . It's Georgia that made me write and I love sharing it with you all . I have not sorted my camera yet or my phone but I have few pics of Georgia which I would post for you guys . I will be writing on what all I saw there and how interesting it was .I told everything to my friends but dint write . Now it's time to pen it !

Never expected you will make me own a second  blog !



  1. Three cheers to Georgia who has put this idea into you :-)

  2. Really lovely idea and photos, I will add the blog to my list. Greetings and best wishes!

    1. I never expected such responses . Thanks a lot blogorrati!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Have fun blogging.:)

  4. A picture is worth thousand words. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  5. I loved all the pictures... Thanks for the collages...
    And congratulations on your second blog (But I would have advised you to add another label to your other blog though.. :P)