Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Mumbai kulfi

Writing something after a long time here . We went for tungli's vaccination and she was crying hence decided to roam for sometime so that she stops crying and look at things happening around her .
I decided to go to a chat shop and eat a pav baji( not too much of masala) .
While I was having this I noticed a new shop being inaugurated " Mumbai kulfi "
I thought why not try a kulfi . I had a mixed nuts kulfi which was amazing. It costed me 45 rupees . Once in a while an ice cream is fine .I asked those girls in the shop can I take a picture of your shop so that I can post in my travel blog .She said yes!
  • Next, I told her if you have any objection please stand aside so that you don't get included in the picture .She said sure !!She said that's ok hence I took a picture with those girls .
A very nice shop to stop by at nanganllur , Chennai (INDIA)


  1. I like kulfi. I thought you are back in Dubai. Did not know you are still in Chennai. With the publicity you are giving to this shop, they should have given the kulfi for free.

    1. Hello .I came back two days ago for few arrangements of tungli ayush homam and my sister's engagement . Nothing is free in this world .what to do ?
      Good things are rare .

  2. Nice pictures. And you gave you an advertisement of that shop too. Those girls have dressed up as village girls,not as Mumbaiites.

    1. Ya I know but can't help it . Can't comment anything on their costumes .